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An Army helicopter is flying in front of the Pentagon, and there are thousands of people filling one of the roadways below. In the distance is the three silver spires of the Air Force Memorial.

Four UH-60 Blackhawks assigned to the U.S. Army's 12th Aviation Battalion perform a flyover during the national anthem at the 2023 Army Ten-Miler, Arlington, Virginia, October 8, 2023. The Army’s annual Army Ten-Miler Race and Expo is conducted in Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Army Military District of Washington (MDW). The 12th Aviation Battalion conducts air movement and engineer technical rescue operations for senior leaders of the Army, Department of Defense, and United States Government, while maintaining a continuous alert posture in support of the Joint Task Force-National Capital Region in order to sustain a rapid response, readiness, and support force capability.

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