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Claims Office

JTF-NCR/USAMDW Staff Judge Advocate


Investigates and settles claims against United States under the Military and Civilian Personnel Claims Act, Federal Tort Claims Act and Military Claims Act. Asserts and settles claims on behalf of the United States under the Federal Claims Collection Act, Federal Medical Care Recovery Act and Military and Civilian Personnel Claims Act.

Operating Hours and Contact Information:

The Claims Attorney is available by appointment only.  Please call (703) 696-0761 or DSN 426-0761 to speak to the appointments manager.

Mailing Address

202 Custer Road, Building 201
Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VA 22211-1215

Fax Number

(703) 696-2181

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not a substitute for legal advice specific to your situation. Every case is unique. Please make an appointment w/ our office to review your circumstances so that we can provide specifically tailored legal advice to your situation.

Personal Property

This claims information is for Soldiers, Department of the Army civilian employees, and Department of Defense civilian employees whose personal property was lost or damaged incident to their service.

The most common type of claim is for loss or damage to household goods and personally owned vehicles during a PCS move. For other losses, such as during temporary duty or in the workplace, please contact our office at (703) 696-0761 to determine whether your loss is covered, and whether you are required to file with your private insurance company prior to filing a claim with an Army claims office.

The US Army’s personal property claims system has been consolidated at Fort Knox to process Soldiers' claims of personal property losses incident to government service - the Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS).  The new CPCS was operational on 5 July 2017, and processes all claims of Soldiers and employees in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. 

All CONUS personnel must file their HHGs claims electronically with the CPCS at https://www.jagcnet.army.mil/Pclaims.  There claimants can find more information on how to file a claim (to include the trifold on the A,B,C's of Claims), or call the Center at 1-502-626-3000 or DSN 536-3000 with questions.  You also can contact CPCS by email at:  usarmy.knox.hqda-otjag.mbx.cpcs@army.mil

Finally, you can make a complaint about the carrier by sending a message to: usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.g6-src-dps-hd@army.mil.

Tort Claims

Tort claims include claims arising out of personal injury, wrongful death, or property damage allegedly caused by the negligence of a U.S. Government employee acting within the scope of employment. Examples of tort allegations include but are not limited to:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Motor vehicle accidents, including insurance subrogation claims

To file a tort claim, please read our Tort Claim Instructions and complete a Standard Form 95.

Tort claims may be mailed to (U.S. Post Office mailing address):

202 Custer Road, Building 201
Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VA 22211